Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to School...

Back to school after a week off was a bomber.
Kirk's car had a flat. so I took his car to the shop and him to work.
Back home to get boy's up.
Kamren started the morning off with his fit pitching about hating school.
Took Kam to school.
back home to get Kyle to school.
Kyle was just worn out from staying up late all week.
Three new patients, one report and 22 regular patients.
Got Kirk's lunch.
Cable man came to fix T.V's.
Bug man came to spray.
I had to go downtown to pay a bill that was not signed.
Ballgame at 5:30pm.
Yes, it has been a Monday and I am ready for bed.
I heard this morning on 99.7 that if you wear socks to bed, you will sleep better and feel better all over. I have my socks on and calling it a day.
Good night!!!!!!

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