Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday! Papaw..........

What would we do without Papaw. I love my Daddy more today than ever. There has been many times when we thought the Lord would take him from us, but thank you God for allowing us to keep him. Daddy has always told us he would be caught up to meet Jesus in the air, that is the way he wants to go. My Daddy is a hard worker and even in his retirement he still works full time building houses with my brother, and he still has a garden that we all love to eat from. Daddy has taught me so many things and I will always treasure the memories. I am so much like my Daddy in many ways. Turn off the lights, close the doors, the toilet paper lesson, turn off the water when brushing teeth and the list goes on. We never went to bed without having our family bible time ( this is where we had the toilet paper lesson). I only wish Kyle & Kamren could have had the chance to be closer to him, there is so many things they miss out on by not being around him. I love you Daddy and thank you for always teaching me that God is first in everything we do, it was never a question in the Overton house about church, we knew that if there was something going on at church we would be there. I will never forget on this Easter morning all the Easter's we got up to be at the sunrise service, with our new Easter dresses or course, and driving that ole yellow church bus to church. My Daddy was and we always be" A MAN OF GOD". I love you and thank you for giving us a God loving family. Happy Birthday!

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