Friday, March 7, 2008

Dr. Diane Hassan

This is one of the best books I have ever read. Mainly because I know the Hassan Family and this is for real. Diane gave us this book the very first day we were without Beverly. I had gotten so stressed out from our cruise, hearing about Beverly leaving us, taking over 100 phone interviews. interviewing dozens of girls plus working alone in the office, 4 ballgames that week, hosting a Dr. that was visiting our office that I came down with that deadly flu on top of all the other stress. Just when you think you have it so bad and life just it seems is at the very depths of no return God drops this in your lap. I was leaving the office to pick up kids and head to the ballpark and Kirk hands me this book, I could hardly hold my head up from the stress of the office and flu but I knew I had to start this book. I had heard Diane's stories of Iraq on each of her visits to the office and become quite close to her, she and Kirk both were writing their books at the same time and I couldn't wait for hers to come out so as I waiting for Kyle's game to start I began reading, I had only read the first page and was in tears. To think that I had it bad, I had lost Beverly and had the flu but that was nothing to compare to what the Hassan's and many others had to endure daily with no end in sight. Suddenly I did not feel so bad, Beverly could be replaced, I knew my flu would leave, we had plenty of food and water and the freedom to do anything we wanted to do. We were sitting freely at a baseball game, our children safe and sound, talking on CELL PHONES, chatting with friends, snuggled in our warm clothes, and a hot bath waiting for each of us when we got home( and I don't mean sharing a bath) and to read in the first two pages of how they only had water to last for 2 weeks and that was for cooking, you got to wash of every 2 weeks. We take so much for granted and have our pitty parties, we are truly blessed. This book has turned my life around, for two days I could not put it down until my eyes could not stay open any longer only to dream of life in Iraq, for days and even now I would fall asleep dreaming of life each day, I would awake as if I had been thru a night of air raids and fighting. I went to Walmart on Saturday and I felt as if I was in Iraq and we were being rationed, and I really felt very bad for being able to freely buy anything we wanted even if we needed it or not. I thought about everything I placed in my cart , do I really need this? This is really a life changing book. I grew up in church and I do believe in Angels and in the mist of the Iraq's "Hell " Diane found Angels many, many times. 10.000 miles from her only family (right here in Dothan, Al .were she would be safe and have plenty to eat and drink, plenty of water for baths) God sent her Angels. Thank you Diane for sharing your story and Thank you God for sending me my Angel that day that came in a book called Angels among us even in Iraq (even in Dothan, Al). What seem to be my "war in Iraq" a week of black, black smoke was really nothing compared to their life in Iraq. She has taught me to look daily for my Angels, that thru every trial, every dark moment an Angel awaits you, you just have to find it. Yes there is Angels Among us even in Dothan. Thank you God for our freedom!

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