Saturday, June 28, 2008

* God Stop Friday

Monday: All is well!

Tuesday: I drove to Prattville to get Kamren and then to Columbia for Kyle's game and back home safe.
Happy Birthday! Sheri

Wednesday: Good day in the office and Kamren made it to practice.

Thursday: Hooks and DDR practice and Kirk officiated 7 on 7.

Friday: Kamren's ballgame

All in All we have had a very busy week but a good week. Kamren has been to Ky, Winfield and back home to Dothan safe and sound and played in his 1st travel ball Tournament. Kyle has had workout's each morning and BB camp each afternoon. MeLeah & Maddie made in to OH safely. Pray for ShayShay's youth group as they leave Monday for The Wilds. Matthew's family are all doing well. What a blessed week!!!!

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