Tuesday, June 10, 2008

* Tuesday the 13th?

Well today has been a Friday 13th!!!!
Let me just start with the week-end. Kyle played in PCB with the Hooks this past week-end, ended in a lost this makes a record of 55-5 since the start of our spring season (April)yes that's alot of ball. Kyle and myself have been battling the crud forever and we just can't kick it.
To say all of this, we were very worn out last night after a long day at CHI, Kyle went to work out at 7am and then Basketball Camp at 2pm, so we all were ready to go to bed before 11:00pm. Now any one who knows the Eriksen clan knows we are always at the ballpark every night of the week between the two boys, even after we get home Kirk is always in his office working until 12:00pm nightly. But with no where to go and me and Kyle feeling sick we were in bed, every light in the house was out by 10:00pm last night. Looking back on it now, I got back up one last time to turn on the dryer and as I went past the front door Ms. Priss was going crazy at the door but I blew it off that she was chasing bugs outside the glass door.
Each morning I always get up and go to the kitchen to get my Tea for the day and this morning as I went pass the glass front door I looked out to see that our yard had been rolled. At first I thought Kyle's friend's had done the rolling but as I looked closer I saw writing and scribbles all down the sidewalk. My 1st thought was someone was mad at Kyle but as I looked at the words I quickly knew that I had been paid a visit by (B). I made many phone calls to find out that things with (B) has turned bad and I needed to call the police. Most of my morning was dealing with officers looking at the "dirty words", the chocolate, mustard, cheese whiz, syrup and toilet paper all over our home. After three round of Police officers coming to file reports about 4pm I began to clean the mess up. After the Dothan heat had baked into this mess for hours it was not an easy task. Just as I was coming into the house to get a shower the bottom falls out of the sky, all my hard work, all that water it took to hose everything down, I pieced together 5 water hose to reach the mailbox and then from know where there was rain and lots of rain. Oh well, we have settled down once again for bed to see what will happen next. I guess the next time Ms. Priss speaks we will listen.

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