Wednesday, June 18, 2008

* The suffering of Christians

Today has been a very soul-searching day. As I blogged earlier about my longing to go home and be with my children and babies I was faced with another event at the office. This summer I have been going in later due to the fact Kyle has work-out from 7am til 9am, so I get him back home before I go to the office. This morning when I finally make it in as I pull into the parking lot the lot is full of cars and I go rushing in to help, I go to pulling cards and calling patients to rooms, we have a husband and a wife that we have seen for many years and I thought I knew a great deal about them. they were both there seeing Kirk today. As I we were doing PT on Mr. --- another Patient comes in the front door ( the office was packed at this time) I realized something crazing was going on with Mrs.----- and Angelica but couldn't get an answer. As I brought the husband and wife down the hall and up to the front to check out I notice the patient (Mrs.---) ducked down under the counter and then Angelica called her into the Video room, and the time I'm asking Angelica "what are you doing with Mrs.---? why did you put her in the video room? Angelica just gave me a crazy look and said it's OK, don't worry. By this time I'm about to get Mrs. Bossy ( Angelica) for being so cocky. I finish checking out the husband and wife still not knowing what is going down, as soon as they walk out the door Angelica opens the video door and says " they are gone you can come out", the look on my face must have been priceless, I look at Angelica and say "who's gone? There stands Mrs.---- crying her heart out and I say " what is going on? are you OK? The husband and wife that had just walked out the door was her parents that had not spoken to her in 5 years. Mrs.---- and her family had become Christians and her parents had disowned her and her family. Her parents that we have know since we came to Dothan some 16yrs have always been very nice to us and I was having a very hard time believing all of this and here is their daughter so broken hearted, she had not seen or spoken to them in 5 years, she had had children since seeing her parents, she had written them letters many time for them to be returned unopened. I can not imagine being in the same room with my parents and not being able to talk or hug them. This has burned at me all day. Is this what Paul talks about in the Bible? The suffering that Christians will have. I have heard Dr. Richard Cordell for many years teach on Paul on the suffering of Christians. I was at a total loss of words, it was not just that Mrs.--- a christian her husband was the pastor ( Seven Day Adventist). Her dad is hurt and she wanted so much to touch, to hold him, to help and she was helpless. I was helpless. She left our office so broken and she watched her parents leave until they were out of sight. So, so sad, so much of life both sides are missing. There was a short time in my life I had a similar tale, I and I can tell you my heart was torn for her, she was much the same age I was durning my trials. God can mend broken lives, broken families and I thank the Lord all is well with my family. I love my parents and I will climb Mt's to keep them in my childrens life. I go to bed tonight with a heavy heart for the ____family, as Mrs.---- said to me as she was leaving, all you can do is pray and God has a plan. Thank you God for my Christian family.

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