Wednesday, June 18, 2008

* Homesick

I'm a little green with jealousy today. I try to call my parents daily or at least a couple times a week. This morning I called to check in with Mother and she informed me that she and Aunt Lynda were leaving to go to Melanie's for Jonathan's Birthday party on Friday. Kamren is already there and Cricket & Maddie are on their way today. Up until Kyle began school we would travel home and to see the girls several times a month. Where does all that time go, now I'm lucky if I get to go home at Christmas. I am walling in pity today because I need to go HOME, I need to see my babies, I need my daddy's hug and I just want to be with my family. My Dothan family of friends are wonderful, but there nothing like your real blood family. I'm trying to be positive and just be glad we can talk but I need a Red Bird today.

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